Trending Wash Basin Designs


When remodeling or building a new bathroom or dining area, wash basins are an essential element, especially during this time when it is an extreme necessity to wash hands. People having a wash basin in the dining room creates special attention.
A washbasin makes an excellent first impression on guests, whether it is in the bathroom or dining room. Furthermore, given that you will be using it daily, it goes without saying that exquisite wash basin designs with a soothing color palette will impact your sensibilities.

Minimalist Wash Basin

Small bathroom washbasins work particularly well to conceal the obtrusiveness of the sink and integrate it more into the design. A cluttered tabletop washbasin design looks unorganized and is tough to manage since it only complicates the situation. Keeping your room clean and minimalist is a great way to declutter and free up space.

Grey Colored Wash Basin

Grey washbasins add a touch of sophistication and luxury to any room. Explore different textures and shapes for this color shade and a grey washbasin will never fail to impress your guests.

White Coloured Wash Basin

Certainly, no one can dispute the beauty of a gleaming white washbasin. Correctly done, it looks familiar but adds effortless harmony to your decor. Its contemporary texture is timeless. The white basin may require additional cleaning, but it will never lose its luster.

Vintage Wash Basin

Elder and parents like to have fashion statements suited to their era. A vintage natural stone unpolished washbasin design can add warmth and comfort to their bedroom without creating a common look.

Double Bowled

Germs can enter your home via groceries. To avoid such issues, including a double bowled washbasin design in the hall. So that you can wash groceries on one side while washing hands on the other. For the hall double bowled wash basin is best.

Spacious Wash Basin

Space is a luxury for most people in urban India, resulting in a washbasin with a countertop being impractical for them. A corner washbasin design could help us to save space in a bathroom.

Twin Mirrors

Having a twin mirror-sink combo in a shared bathroom with plenty of space is perfect. These twin sinks have a bright, sophisticated finish as well as plenty of personal storage, along with identical large mirrors. A mirror-enhanced washbasin is always classy with costly finishes and vanities, even though twin vanities appear ideal.

Sleek Wash Basin

An oval sink and a long rectangular backlit mirror create striking contrast in the elegant and stylish powder room. A dark interior space enhances the display of vanity. A modern kitchen or tabletop washbasin can also be designed this way.


The gold tap fitting gives this white porcelain corner wash basin a stylish upgrade. Installing newer chrome or metallic fittings in your bathroom will instantly give the room a polished look without the burden of a complete renovation. A nod to the metal-covered punk rock era of the 90s.

Black Ceramic Bowl

Black is an evergreen color that we all never get enough of. Using the ceramic black bowl as your washbasin design will give your home a sophisticated and elegant look. As per Vastu shastra and Feng Shui, it is auspicious for home too.

Plate Style Luxurious Porcelain Wash Basin

Having dined on a square plate many times, how about a porcelain plate-shaped wash basin? Rest assured it will make your home look luxurious at its highest. Every type of home décor will look great with these wash basin designs.

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