Three Ways to Make Your Interior Design Work with Terrazzo Tiles

Square Feet

Finding the perfect tile for your home can be difficult, and decorating around it can be even worse, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help.

Design Tiles’ Terrazzo tiles are made of a mix of natural stone, quartz and marble in neutral but not boring colors. These design tips will help you to make your room look like you paid someone to make them as beautiful as possible.

Natural Shapes
The Terrazzo tiles have a mix of different shapes built into each tile, which is easy to echo in the shapes of different pieces of furniture in your space. Bringing natural, imperfect shapes will make the room feel like it is all intentional, and make it feel a lot more homey. It can also make it feel a little eclectic, which isn’t a bad thing.

A great way to do this is by using natural materials like unprocessed woods, uncut stone and resin in your furniture and decoration. Unusually shaped mirrors can also make the room really pop, and make it feel even bigger than it already is.

Bright Colors
Because these tiles come in cool but neutral colors, you will want to brighten up your home with all kinds of bright colors in your other decoration. Pick a color scheme and then turn it up a notch. Pinks, yellows and greens in all shades will bring all sorts of life into your room. The beautiful slightly reflective surface of your Terrazzo tiles will bring those colors into the rest of your room, making it feel like an even brighter and happier place to spend time in.

Soft Textures
Tile can bring a very cold feeling to a room, and you can either lean into it or try to balance that out with a lot of soft textures in your furniture and curtains.

Velvet, especially in bright colors, can make a room feel extremely luxurious without spending a ton of money on curtains. You can go with a slightly more work-friendly microfiber for any couches, or add a nice deep pile rug to make it easier to feel at home in the room. Just make sure that you aren’t covering all of your beautiful tile.

Don’t be afraid to build up your room’s aesthetic over time as you find your own personal style. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away, because there’s no way it can be.

Interior design can be overwhelming at times, especially if you are doing the bulk of the work yourself. If you find yourself struggling to find ways to make your beautiful tiles work with furniture and your lifestyle, check out Design Tiles’ blog or Instagram to see how other people have made it work – and how you can, too. be afraid to build up your room’s aesthetic over time as you find your own personal style.

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