How to efficiently use the leftover tiles

leftover tiles

Tiles are being used from the house walls to the floor.  In most cases, when we renovate our homes, we purchase tiles, but often we have some leftover tiles.

Usually, we discard these tiles or sweep them towards the corner. Here are impressive ideas for reusing these tiles.

A New Look at Old Furniture

Leftover tiles can give a new look to the old furniture of your house and is a much better and cheaper option than buying new furniture. Use some tiles on your tabletop, and make balcony seating or place them beautifully on the garden chair.

Decorative Tiles Tray

A classic and stylish tile tray can also be made with colorful tiles.  It gives it a chic look. You can use this tray from your kitchen to the craft room.  Since this tray can be a bit heavy, avoid using it to serve guests. However, it can be efficient to place them on the tabletop to keep crockery. You can also keep it in the living area and place small pots or decorative items on it.

Create Beautiful Wall Art

Apart from walls and floor, you can give a unique look to your home by designing wall art with tiles. We can place pattern tiles on the wall of the house or just frame and hang them, these give an elegant look with minimum effort. If you want to use tile wall art in the house, here’s a tip, prefer to place it on a plain wall. 

Make Plant Pots

If you want to give an appealing and colorful look to the garden area or balcony, then try using tiles as plant pots. You can also decorate regular pots with bits of leftover tiles. This not only looks beautiful but also is easy to clean.

So the next time you have leftover tiles, make sure to use them wisely and efficiently.

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