Heavenly shower experience with top showerheads


A good, relaxing shower – hot or cold – is immensely beneficial to not only your physical health but also to your mental health. Showers are usually the silent partner of bathtubs when it comes to taking center stage in your bathroom. The right shower valve ensures a pleasant showering experience – and avoids scalding or freezing dribble.

Electric Showers
Electric showers are one of the most efficient and popular choices of showers that can work great for households. Quick and easy to install, this type of shower draws water from the main cold water supply and heats it on demand.

Mixer Showers
Mixer showers take in water supply from both hot and cold water tanks to deliver increased water flow rates. Showerheads can either be fixed or adjustable, allowing them to mix the water and control its flow. Consequently, these are suitable for homes with a fixed hot water supply, whether it comes from a geyser or a combination boiler. Suitably, some mixer showers have the provision of pumps in case of decreased water pressure.

Eco Showers
Eco Showers regulate water usage in a shower enabling efficient use of water in any given pressure system. Any shower system could include this system where you select a temperature and maintain it. Compared to traditional water showers, it offers 50 percent water savings.

Power Showers
Power showers, as the name suggests, increase water pressure in homes to deliver a highly refurbished shower. To boost water pressure, some of them even have pumps attached for further boosting. The system operates on a gravity-centric, tank-fed water system that increases the flow. Due to these factors, it is well suited to households with low water pressure, and it can also be combined with other shower options like electric ones.

Digital Showers
Digital showers have a remote device or a control panel to provide you with an assortment of interesting lifestyle settings that are the culmination of technology, design, style, and comfort of living.

Corner Shower
It consists of a pair of glass panels that extend from a corner of the bathroom to form a square enclosure, making it ideal for small bathrooms. A pivoting door is incorporated into one of the panels. You can install one with a prefab shower pan or you build your pan.

Steam Shower
Consisting of a steam generator and a moisture-sealedenclosure, a steam shower is an ultimate luxury. Compared to other types of showers, this one requires professional installation.

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