Give your floor a moon-like gleam


Keeping the floor clean is necessary for an elegant home.It is also necessary for protection from disease-causing germs. Lack of regular cleaning even results in discolored floors. In such situations, by adopting these measures, you can make your floor shine like a mirror.

1. Vinegar

Blackand red-colored tiles are more prone tovisible dirt than other tiles.

Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 bucket of water while cleaning. It will remove the accumulated dirt and make the surface shine.

2. Lemon

If there are sudden guests and you need immediate and quick cleaning of the floor, cut some lemons and squeeze their juice into a bucket. Add water to the bucket and clean the floor. This will clear all the stains with minimum effort.

3. Fabric Softener

Yes, you can also try this method to make the floor of your home shine. Clean the surface with a mixture of fabric softener and water.

4. Ammonia

Take a bucket of water, mix 1 cup of ammonia into it, and clean the floor with it.  The smell of ammonia is too strong, to prevent it open the windows and doors to allow ventilation for the smell to vanish.

5. Ethanol

Ethanol can also use to clean the floor. A teaspoon of ethanol in water is efficient to cleanstains from the floor.

6. Warm water and soap solution

If you have black marble in your home avoid using acidic cleaners as acid can damage the floor. Insteadmixing soap in lukewarm water and clean the surface.

The above-mentioned tips are easy and handy. So from now, fight stains not the shine!

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