Create a spa retreat at your home


It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. The bathroom of your dreams can easily be achieved by taking cues from the sophistication and timeless appeal of luxury spas and saunas. Creating a home spa is the perfect way to provide a tranquil retreat that promotes good health and well-being while reducing stress. Any bathroom can turn into a luxurious spa retreat if you put enough work into it. It does not have to be on a 5-star level like professionals can. Just make sure you go through the following steps

Invest in a bathtub: The center of your spa retreat is the bathtub. This is the biggest and most expensive investment in your project. If you have a smaller bathroom, it does not mean you cannot enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub. Bath essential showrooms are offering a wide array of scaled-down alcove tubs that are no longer than five feet, but deep enough to soak in.

Luxury Showerheads: The shower is the heart of the room and should be made as decadent as possible. Provide an extravagant and spa-like experience by adding a rainfall showerhead. The fixture gently rains water on you from above, allowing for a gentle water flow.

Mood lighting: One key component to achieving a perfect spa-style bathroom is getting the lighting correct. For relaxing evenings, however, to achieve moody lighting, the use of a dimmer switch can help you achieve your home spa in seconds. Add to the ambiance further by using candles and tealights dotted around the room. Also, the effective use of chandeliers, decorative wall sconces, and recessed lighting can go a long way in creating drama and sophistication.

Think of Your Plumbing Fixtures as Jewelry: The shower, tub, toilet, and sink are the main event in the bathroom, and carefully chosen, go a long way in creating a spa-like bathroom.

Add Calming Scents: The spa experience always begins with the aroma when you first walk in that instantly soothes and relaxes you. To complete the spa ambiance in your bathroom, consider using scents to replicate the aromatherapy found in these top spas. It is the perfect element to transition you from everyday life and embrace tranquillity and relaxation of the senses.

Heated Tile Floors: Radiant heating is a method of warming your home via infrared radiation. Add this feature during your bathroom renovation to make it feel like a spa.

Add Glorious Greenery: Let the outside in! Indoor plants and greenery should be key components when creating your home spa bathroom. Interacting with indoor plants is soothing and appears to reduce physiological and psychological stress.

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